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Staff Stories

Staff stories



John joined Help Enterprises in 1996, working in our Packaging Division at Eagle Farm. His many long years of service at HELP is an achievement John says he is very proud of.

In 2000, looking for a change, John joined the Horticulture Division and transferred to our then propagation facility located at Loganlea. After six years at Loganlea, John took the opportunity to join the Oxford Park Nursery team at Mitchelton to expand his skills. He is now responsible for the set down of plant stock and accurate recording of stock movements.

John says he loves working outdoors and wouldn't like to be cooped up inside again. Being held in high regard by his workmates, John gets on well with all at Mitchelton.

His detailed reporting on all things political, sports or news means all are kept up to date with the goings on in the broader world.


Starting in our Training Division in 2003, Glen trained students in Certificate 1 and 11 Horticulture. In 2009, Glen wanted to start 'practicing what he had been preaching' for the last six years and decided to join the Horticulture Division.

His horticultural knowledge and training skills were put to good use helping supported employees gain a better understanding of the tasks they were performing and why they needed to be done a certain way. Glen had trained most of the nursery staff in Horticulture prior to his starting in the nursery.

Providing direction and supervision of daily tasks, his training allows him to help supported staff to improve skills to produce quality products. The nursery team has a great respect for Glen and his jovial nature makes for a happy workplace.

His years of service are a fantastic achievement and reflect his commitment to the team and to Help Enterprises.


David has been an employee of HELP Enterprises' Oxford Park Nursery since 2007 and always enjoyed the work that he did.

In late 2012, David's family and HELP staff began planning for a new opportunity for David that would see close collaboration across HELP Divisions and the opportunity for David to utilise the programs offered in both supported employment and in DSS.
He began working with the DSS team in February 2013 and has made the most of his new opportunity.

David is a very private type of guy but with the support from the team at Mitchelton, he has made some good friends, is beginning to take an interest in food preparation at home, enjoys increasing his skills in Horticulture beyond the nursery and has found new and interesting things to talk to his family about in the evenings.

The highlight of David's year was being part of the team to construct the new fish pond at our Mitchelton site. He continues to work in the nursery one day a week and is supported to learn new skills that assist his independence on two other days. He has a full and satisfying week.

This is a great example of how Help Enterprises utilises the diversity within its team to assist our people to reach their goals in work and life.


Susan's story is one that resounds with enthusiasm, optimism and achievement. Starting with a Certificate I Horticulture at Help Training in 2003, Susan began work at the Oxford Park Nursery in 2004. Her sunny and enthusiastic nature brightens everyone’s day at Oxford Park.

Susan loves working outdoors, enjoys her role and continues to learn about new plants grown in the nursery. She can tell you the name of most of the plants, describe them when grown and tell you when they were potted. That is her favourite part of the job - potting plants.

Her workmates are another reason Susan loves coming to work because, “everyone here is really nice and good to work with,” adding, “and Nicky and Marty are very supportive.” The other attraction at the nursery is Blue on Chessom, the café run by HELP hospitality students. Susan just loves it and never misses their evening openings.

One of Susan’s long-term goals was to leave home to live independently. With support and encouragement from her family and her own commitment to her goal, she did just that and now lives in a unit within walking distance to her workplace. Susan has a well balanced attitude to her life and work—she works four days a week, finishes at 3.45pm each day and is off to Hong Kong for a two-week holiday.

Her Manager knows however that she will be eager to return to the potting shed.